Vinyl Wrap in Toronto and Vaughan

For Business and Personal Car Owners

Vinyl Wrap by GTA Wrapz

Both business and personal car owners in Toronto and Vaughan have thousands of vinyl wrap colours to choose from. When done correctly, it looks even better than a new paint job – and it costs less! With so many colours to choose from, you can expect a unique look, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive.

What is vinyl wrap?

A vehicle wrap is the application of a digitally printed vinyl on to a car’s painted surface. GTA Wrapz can put virtually any photo or design on your vehicle. Each print is laminated to provide UV protection and durability from scratches. Unlike paint, wrap is not permanent. You can have it removed whenever you want to trade it in or sell it.

What are benefits of vinyl wrap?

Since the wrap we offer is durable and resistant to scratches, it protects the paint job from common road debris as well as the elements.
Business owners will find vehicle wrap very useful, as it can be used to create a large, high-quality advertisement. Have your company logo, phone number, photograph, and any message you want displayed on your car, truck or van. A mobile advertisement has the potential to be seen by thousands of people.
This type of wrap can also be used to simply spruce up your car a bit. Transform it from a boring, ordinary car to one of the nicest rides on the road. Have it wrapped in a unique colour or go completely wild with your own custom design or picture.

What kind of design can go on a vehicle?

Any design you can think of, from stripes to highly detailed images, can be placed on an automobile. Your design team can come up with the design or you can have ours create one for you. Another option is to simply have a chrome vinyl wrap film placed on your car. The chrome is available in metallic colours such as gold and silver.

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How is vinyl wrap cared for?

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You will want to clean your car regularly. Water and mild soap will do just fine. If you want to take it through an automated, brushless car wash. Use a silicone squeegee to minimize water spotting. A clean microfiber cloth is ideal for drying.
If there are ever any fuel spills, wipe off immediately and then hand wash the affected spot. Letting the spill stay for too long may cause degradation. Wipe the spill with a wet paper towel at the gas station and then clean it more effectively as soon as you get the chance.
Avoid using the following products when cleaning vinyl wrap: engine degreaser, oil based cleaners, solvent, orange oil, oven cleaner, and kitchen/bathroom cleaners.
Just take a look at our portfolio and you will see what we are capable of. We specialize in both commercial designs and personal car wrap. You can always expect quality custom wraps from us, regardless of what kind of vehicle you are driving.
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